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Trek to Sinhagad Fort

June 22, 2014 Leave a comment

With rain god ready to drench Pune with rains, it was the perfect time to go on a trek. After checking the weather forecast (Don’t rely on it too much though đŸ˜› ), we decided to go on an early morning trek to Sinhagad. We arrived at the Sinhagad foothills village – Avtar Wadi where we parked our car. If anyone is not interested in the trek, one can drive right upto the top by taking a left Danje Gaon junction. However I would definitely suggest to trek as the distance it relatively less, and more ever its a superb experience.

Coming back to the trek, we started at around 7 AM from the foothills. Looking at the peak it does seem to be a task but as you keep walking, you realise how far you have come and there is that much less to cover.. We trekked taking quite a no. of breaks and at leisure and still managed to reach top in 2 hours. There are lot of places to rest along the way and there are small tapris who serve thrist quenchers like nimbu pani, Kokum sarbat and various types of fruits.

View of the village after covering 1/4th of the trek..

The trekking path

About to reach the top.. đŸ˜€

Refreshments on way..

Refreshments on way..

Sinhagad Fort Map

Sinhagad Fort Map

Once we were at the top, we realised how much crowded it was; probably because most of the people drive up-to the top.. We roamed on fort for couple of hours and saw few points (Zunzhar Buruj, Dev taki, Rajaram Maharaj samadhi, Kalyan Darwaza, Kalavantin Buruj), and then decided to lunch.. Whenever you go to Sinhagad, never miss out on the Pitla Bhakri, Vangyacha Barit, Kanda Bhaji and the best of them all.. Matka Dahi..! After having a sumptuous lunch, we rested for a while and started our way back. Climbing down was relatively less tiring but had to be extra cautious due to the loose gravel at some points; hence time taken was almost the same.

Matka Dahi.. Best desert..

Yo Whats up? đŸ˜€Â 

Oh, yes.. I did clicked few birds.. and couple of new ones as well. Especially the beautiful Crested Bunting and a lovely pair of Peregrine Falcons (Juveniles). So here are the birds I managed to click during the trip..

Spotted Dove

Red Vented Bulbul


Yellow Eyed Babbler

Peregrine Falcons.. lucky to spot them!

Red Whiskered Bulbul

The beautiful Crested Bunting!